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First level Degree in Mathematics

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Presentation of the First Level Degree in Mathematics

The First Level Degree in Mathematics provides students with strong knowledge in all areas of Mathematics. In the first two years of the program almost all courses are mandatory, while during the third year the students choose among curricula focused on theory, applications or didactics of Mathematics.

Students enrolling on the First Level Degree in Mathematics can apply to join the Class of Natural Sciences of the Galilean School of Higher Education.

Students enrolling on the First Level Degree in Mathematics can also apply for scholarships given every year by the Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica (INdAM) (Italian Institute fo High Mathematics).

Further information on the degree program in Mathematics can be found on this Moodle webpage.

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Entrance requirements

In order to enrol on the First Level Degree in Mathematics, students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • they must have a high school diploma;
  • they must take an entrance examination.

Students not passing the entrance examination can enrol anyway, but they will need to either attend a specific online course (and pass the corresponding exam) or pass the exam of Mathematical Analysis 1. Students not passing one of these two exams by the end of the first year will not be allowed to register for the second year. More details can be found here [pdf, in Italian].

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Job opportunities

After obtaining a First Level Degree in Mathematics, most students decide to enrol on a Second Level Degree in Mathematics (or sometimes in some other scientific fields); we therefore refer to the webpage describing the job opportunities given by the Second Level Degree in Mathematics. However, already after the First Level Degree our students can find good opportunities in the job market (e.g. in counseling, finance, industry, informatics), thanks to their mental flexibility and abtraction skills.

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