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Administration of the program

All decisions concerning the organization and administration of the First and Second Level Degree in Mathematics are taken by the so-called "Consiglio di Corso di Studi" (CCS), which is composed of all professors teaching a course or part of a course at Mathematics during the current academic year, as well as some student representatives.

The director of the program (president of the CCS) is prof. Federico Cacciafesta. The vice-director is prof. Maurizio Cailotto.

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The so-called "Commissione Didattica", which takes cares of some specific issues (such as study programs), is composed of the following professors:

and the following student representatives:

  • Manuel Norman
  • Luigi Steccanella

The so-called "Gruppo Accreditamento e Valutazione" (GAV), which takes care of analyzing the critical aspects of the degree programs in Mathematics, is composed of the following professors:

the following student representatives:

  • Luigi Gamba
  • Giampietro Sottana

and a labour-market representative:

  • dr. Alberto Gerli

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