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Individual study program


The individual study program can include at most 12 courses (plus thesis and student seminar). The following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • at least 6 ECTS credits in Algebra (MAT/02);
  • at least 6 ECTS in Geometry (MAT/03);
  • at least 12 ECTS in Mathematical Analysis (MAT/05);
  • at least 7 ECTS in Probability and Mathematical Statistics (MAT/06);
  • at least 6 ECTS in Mathematical Physics (MAT/07).

The above ECTS credits should be chosen among the courses marked as "fundamental" in the degree program structure. More details and suggested study programs can be found here [pdf, in Italian].

Every year, in mid-September, there is a presentation of all courses to help students make their choices.

We remark that ALGANT courses can be also part of the study program of students not participating in the ALGANT project.

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How to submit a study program

Individual study programs should be submitted online via Uniweb within specific time windows (usually in November-December and April-May). Notifications of approval are sent to students via Uniweb. Outside these time windows, changes are accepted only in special cases (e.g., graduation applications); in this case, changes should be made on the printed version of the study program and handed to prof. Maurizio Cailotto.

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For more information contact prof. Maurizio Cailotto.

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