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First level Degree in Mathematics

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Junior tutors

Junuior tutors are undergraduate and graduate students who help younger students by providing them with information and study support service.

For the First Level Degree in Mathematics, the following tutors are available during the academic year 2015/2016:

  • Saeda Marello (main tutor): apoodwzxtysaeda.marelloleoqjdfhdf@lwwpgrvxcnstudenti.unipd.itpofglddepq
  • Alekos Cecchin: looodwdftyalekos.cecchinleoqddjlof@aewpxvvxcnstudenti.unipd.itposjkkjdpq
  • Lina Falcone: apoafrexfylina.falconelqwqjdfsaf@lwwpgrvxcnstudenti.unipd.itdefgledepq

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